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More than 600 companies already are using Sintegrum

The Sintegrum system shows its effectiveness in hundreds of projects. It helps successfully adapt new employees and to scale the business.
Solve Your #1 Problem and Watch Your Business Take Off
You spent a month training a newbie, and he left with your time and salary
What made you a hostage of a "disposable" employee, where the time spent could be directed to strategic tasks
You have trained an employee, but they still make serious mistakes
But you're waiting for him to learn, and he's causing losses 10 times his salary, losing important contracts and key clients
You have a key employee who you hold on to like the last straw in a storm of tasks
And the absence of a key employee creates panic in the team and makes your business a hostage to it
And when an employee leaves, you roll up your sleeves again and look for a new one, wasting time and money
Which could be redirected to strategic tasks and thereby increase the growth of your company by 2-3 times
Why Sintegrum was created
Universal way to transfer all the necessary knowledge within your company
Automation of the process of recruiting, integration of new employees and professional development will solve the problem of colossal expenditure of time of the company's key players on training new people.

The integration track system has proven its effectiveness on tens of thousands of employees in more than 310 niches.

In practice, it shows itself as a powerful tool for managing and scaling business at any level.

It allows you to save thousands of hours of time of the owner and key managers, reducing the dependence on "stars".
Sintegrum — Systematizes Business Making You Free and Independent from any Player
Hire Teach. Manage
Collect the entire journey of your employee in one system, replacing dozens of third-party documents and applications
The system automatically selects candidates for the position. Choose the right specialist for you after checking their tasks and evaluating their 3D resume.
Familiarize the new employee with the structure and values of your business. Tell him about the rules in the company, preparing him for work from the first day.
Manage Qualifications
Gather knowledge about the peculiarities of work in your company using the integration track so that your employee is 100% ready to work.
The process of dismissal or departure from the company must be carried out correctly so that the employee leaves his or her achievements within the company and does not take them away in his or her head.
Advanced training
The system allows you to regularly improve the qualifications of your employees within the company and motivate them for further professional growth.
Check, evaluate and collect statistics about the knowledge of your employee in each specific work field with the help of the certification track.
Psychological testing
Get to know your employee's psychological profile before they start working. Find out their strengths and weaknesses for each specific position.
Put and control the knowledge in the heads of your employees
Keep Your Valuable Experience in the Company
Workflow tracks
Create clear workflows by actively engaging your employees. This will help make your business less dependent on key people.
Knowledge base of employees
Store valuable information in a convenient and accessible knowledge base, enabling your company to preserve its experience and intellectual capital.
Feedback from employees
Actively collect feedback on tasks. This will not only improve your processes, but also allow you to constantly increase your knowledge of the company.
Clone knowledge and experience of key employees for fast
integration of new people
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At Sintegrum, You Systematize learning and Business Through Integration Track Technology
Presenting a position in the form of educational tracks
6 types of tests for
knowledge tests
7 elements of employee knowledge life cycle management
A unique approach to the systematization and digital processing of the company's knowledge
Providing in-depth statistics
Unique methodology
of company knowledge management
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Don't Waste Time on Training Development! Take Proven Knowledge of the Best Experts in 1 Click
With the help of the Integration Track Store, Sintegrum
is a specialist integration service with a consistent transfer of quantum knowledge
Tracks with the knowledge of world experts such as: Mark Roberge, Russell Brunson, Rockefeller and many others.
Tracks with business processes ready for implementation from Sales, Management, Marketing and Recruiting.
The tracks are based on the methodology of adult learning, which allows you to literally transfer knowledge from one person to another.
And the built-in certification will allow you to check how much the employee has learned and control the knowledge in his head.
Not just an LMS! Sintegrum - Tool for checking the understanding and application of the Employee's knowledge
Sintegrum outperforms LMS systems:
You'll start building your business around the system, not people, by using forced knowledge transfer
Systematizes specific knowledge of all company employees

Provides an opportunity to scale without temporary losses on the part of the manager

Manages knowledge in the heads of employees — everyone will know everything necessary to perform duties according to standards and job instructions, it is impossible to solve tasks "in their own way"

Prepares new employees to work in your company without the involvement of experienced team players and the need to pay during the training period
"I opened the first 35 branches of the Academy for 16 years! And each new branch was a breakthrough.

Maximum immersion in the process was required of me. I invested in staff training, but there was practically no result - employees solved tasks "in their own way", the ideology of the Academy was lost.

After the introduction of Sintegrum, we managed to open 40 new branches in 1 year in 20 countries of the world!

I spend 0 minutes of my own time on this, travel freely, rest and deal with solving other strategically important tasks. At the same time, each branch works strictly according to the given regulations and standards."
He is the founder of the Computer Academy STEP. It was its implementation that allowed the company to scale. Today, STEP has 102 branches in 20 countries.
The Sintegrum Integration System was developed by Dmitry Korchevsky
Why Sintegrum was created
Sintegrum - 100% Will Work in Your Business if You Have Hiring and Training of Employees
Security company, Ukraine's leader in burglar alarms
The largest taxi service in Ukraine
Chain of dry cleaners
Here are just a few case studies from areas where the system already solves the #1 problem of human factors


Restaurants, cafes and deliveries

Online and offline education

Marketing agencies

Medicine and cosmetology

The sphere of beauty — from
hairdressers to manicurists

Production of any goods —
from pens to electronics
Trade with China and the USA

Tourism hotel business

Food and non-food stores

Online stores


Extraction of minerals

Sports clubs and massage salons

Real estate agencies

And also in Spheres...
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Over 600 Satisfied Companies - Reviews
the largest taxi service in Ukraine
«Before the introduction of Sintegrum, we did not have a clear tool that allowed us to transfer knowledge to branches systematically. There was fragmentation. Each manager transferred knowledge subjectively, there was no tool for controlling this knowledge. With Sintegrum, the indicators (KPI) of each employee increased by 40% in 3 months of using the integration system. Conversion rate increased from 54% to 83%. We save time and resources. Thanks to the integration system, we do not allow unqualified sales managers and people who are not interested in the work to work.»
Alyona Monastirska,
director of the center of aesthetic medicine MultiMed
«In our field of activity, the training of an employee is very sensitive, where it is necessary to follow and know many instructions in order to ensure the required quality of services. After all, health is the most important thing in our life. Therefore, we chose a system for a long time, where we will be completely sure that the employee will receive all the necessary information, without spending additional labor resources. The system helped to optimize the staff training process even at the stage of selecting the right employee. It is very convenient and rational to use such an integration service, where there is a clear structure, certain tasks and, most importantly, all processes are very manageable.»
a network of international IT educational institutions
«When your company grows, you and the most effective people (pillars of the business) spend their time training new ones, consulting with them, instead of
security company, Ukraine's leader in security alarm systems
«Sintegrum helps to clearly convey to employees how communication with the client should take place. When we analyzed how the employees act during the meeting with the customer, we saw that each of the fighters speaks in his own way. It's not about customer service and it's not about a company with a position for impeccable leadership. With the help of Sintegrum, we recorded a track of how communication with the client should take place. Sintegrum allows you to save the time of leading employees. Just to tell the story of "Sheriff" will take 30-40 minutes. If 300 people come to our company during the year, multiply 300 by the 30 minutes that someone has to allocate. Even if it's not you, as an owner or as a director, every employee's time still costs money. Sintegrum helps to control the knowledge of each employee and "manage" this knowledge Sintegrum allows you to quickly change the training material and has a simple, clear system
chain of dry cleaners and cleaning and redesign studios
control that does not require the involvement of the CEO, key managers, whose time is expensive. Sintegrum makes it possible to make fewer mistakes at the stage of employee induction and adaptation. With the help of Sintegrum, we can admit three, five, seven people to the probationary period at the same time, and they undergo training and testing without delaying others. Even at this stage, one can see who is more motivated, charged, who wants this work, and who does not imitate hectic activity. Whoever was more active was the first to leave, and then we'll see if he copes with the probationary period or not. Sintegrum allows you to train a large number of staff in a very short time, get feedback and be sure that everyone knows what they need to know. Thanks to the integration system, we always clearly know that all our employees have 100% studied and mastered the new algorithm, new instruction, order, speech, offer, script.»
conclusion of agreements The new employee learns from the energy of the owner and the TOPs, while getting paid and still making a lot of mistakes. And then he can simply go to another company. Sintegrum allows you to take power over the business into your own hands, rather than being held hostage by employees. It allows you to completely remove the costs of integration and training of employees, and the result will be 10 times better! Without this system, I would have simply become a hostage to employees and would have burned out long ago, not even having 1/5 of the scale that I have now.»
"Often, business owners are very dependent on the people who work in the company. It is cool to build a system when the business process in the company is standardized. Then it is not a person who manages the company and manipulates the manager, but the system works in such a way that any manipulation of employees is excluded. Singtegrum is just such a system.»
Vladyslav Szyman
multi-entrepreneur, expert producer
Hotel Nyvky
«We already use Sintegrum for everything and already have concrete results. These are the results for jambs from the OKC for 4 months of 34 managers. The number of errors decreased from 77.2% to 36.2%. Of course, not everything is so simple and this is a long-term game, but in a few months such a result was obtained, which for a few years they did not even know how to approach and where to start.»
«I really liked the structure and possibility of control at each stage of integration. We were also able to set up certification systems, due to the fact that the materials remain available after the integration.»
Evgeny Morozov
founder of the online delivery service for craft meat «KarpatySteaks»
Ivan Zimbytsky
«To be honest, KarpatySteaks would not have been possible without Sintegrum. This system has enabled us to continuously and easily recruit new employees to our remote sales team, train and manage them effectively.

In just one year, we increased the number of salespeople from 1 to 8. And the most important thing is that from the very first day of work, the new manager already knows about more than 50 different products, can advise customers in detail about each type of steak and the characteristics of different breeds of bulls.

I am building Steaks of the Carpathians as a systematic business with remote control. For me, this is only possible with Integrum.»
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